Birthday Presents / Gifts for Men & Boyfriends

Are you looking for a birthday present / gift that is a little different, something that is a bit unusual? On the other hand maybe you want to buy a loved one, one of those ‘adrenaline or extreme days out’ you have heard talk of? Well you are in the right place, as you don’t get much more fun than an off road motorbike experience day with KTM Motocross Experience!

Awesome day with Ktm Motocross Experience in West Sussex.

The ideal 18th / 21st / 30th / 40th / 50th Birthday Present

Some (mostly women) say that men never grow up and are addicted to ‘boys toys’. At KTM Motocross Experience we are not going to get into the argument, but we are pleased to be able to offer anyone wanting to buy a loved one a really different birthday present, whether they be 18, 21,30 or 40 (in fact any age – over 15) a unique and unusual gift.

Motorbike Experience Days & Motocross Days Out

As you will see by the videos, pictures and comments on our website, people just love the adrenaline rush that you get on one of our motocross days out, which of course makes it an ideal birthday gift, one that will provide memories for years to come. So, if the man (or woman) in your life is into motorcycling or would love to experience dirt biking, off road biking or trail riding, then we reckon that a day out with us would make a really great gift.

Days Out Vouchers

And don’t worry if you can’t pick the date for your birthday gift, you can buy one of our ‘days out gift vouchers’ that can be used in the future whenever they want to visit us (all they have to do is to book the time and place).

So if you are looking for:-

  • A Unique Unusual Birthday Present / Gift
  • An Adrenaline Packed Day Out
  • A Driving Birthday Gift for Men (or Women)
  • Something as a part of an Activity Weekend
  • A Motorcycle Experience Day
  • An Off Road Riding Experience
  • A Fathers Day Present / Gift
  • A Motocross Day Out

Then please do contact us.

Remember, as long as they are over 15, anyone can come along so for:-

  • 18th Birthday Gifts
  • 21st Birthday Gifts
  • 30th Birthday Presents
  • 40th or 50th Birthday Presents

Our adrenaline packed days out really do make for a great gift..

We have a number of off road / motocross tracks for you to choose from too, so there is bound to be one close at hand.

  • North of England Off Road Course
  • Midlands Motocross Track
  • South Eastern Off Road Track


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